Sustainable learning during the lockdown: The bilingual geography class presents the UNSDG

A text in English on our school homepage? It's unusual but it matches the global issues of our project and it's the language we use in class. We are the bilingual geography class and we would like to share a project we worked during the time of distanced learning.

You maybe ask yourself the question "What are the UNSDG? Why is it worth presenting it on a school homepage?"

Our bilingual Geography class dealt with it and worked on different projects to present how our school tries to reach the goals and what everybody can also do for it. But first you have to know that there are seventeen goals for big problems in the world, for example gender equality or no poverty. To make our world a better place for everyone these goals are so important that they should be known by everyone because all members of the UN agreed on achieving improvement in such fields by 2030. Gaining knowledge about them in class inspired us to take action and raise awareness because for reaching these goals and for this strong action we need everybody to do something, whether these tings are small or big.

Our class clarified how important these goals are and looked for examples in how far our school already takes action. We hope we can inspire you too! Maybe you will also take a stand and take care of our planet together with our global community?! Let’s take care of our planet - now! Because if we all just do one little thing individually, we can make a big change together!

Check out our project on this Padlet: |Link|

Text written by Elina Spady